2.4G RF transceiver SOC

The SG8RF0xP is a SOC chip designed for low-power wireless applications. It integrates 8-bit RISC MCU, 2.4G RF transceivers, and multiple peripherals such as SPI, TIMER, and USB.it provides multiple power control modes to optimize the system power consumption. The chip can be used for wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, remote control, USB dongle and other applications.

  • 4K*16 bytes OTP
  • Complete Universal Serial Bus specs V2.0 compatibility
  • Wireless data transfer rate: 1Mbps, 2Mbps or 125Kbps
  • 125 RF channel operation
  • ISM frequency: 2.4~2.5G
  • Support one-to-many communication
  • Four selectable, RF output power settings of nominally 4dBm, 0dBm, -6dBm, -12dBm, -18dBm
Part No.ROM Type RAM I/OFrequencyInterface
Data Transmission Rate
SG8RF01P4Kx16 OTP192x8 SRAM 322.4~2.5G ISMUSB 1Mbps/2Mbps
SG8RF02P4Kx16 OTP144x8 SRAM 122.4~2.5G ISMUSB 62.5Kbps/125Kbps/1Mbps/2Mbps