8-Bit I/O Series MCU

I/O type of MCU is sigma company launched SG8 series one of the eight microcontroller chips, internal integration programmable ROM (OTP/FLASH), an SRAM, watchdog timer, timer RTC, TCC, general input/output (GPIO) port, built-in high-precision PWM, internal integration and high precision ADC, the controller, toy cars, encryption, digital products rechargeable warming my hands treasure, remote control aircraft, and so on field applications.

  • 8-bit microprocessor
  • Wide voltage application: 2.4 V to 5.5 V
  • Two kinds of power saving mode: VDD = 3 V, IDLE < 7 uA, SLEEP < 1 uA (IDLE oscillator frequency 32768 hz)
  • Built-in timer RTC, TCC
  • Built-in high-precision PWM
  • Internal integration and high precision ADC
SG8P1232.4~5.51K OTP48x8Bit 13----SOP16
SG8P0612.4~5.51K OTP 48x8Bit62 CH4 CH-SOP8
SG8UP53942.4~5.54K OTP144x8Bit39----DICE
SG8F64023.7~5.5 16K FLASH256x8Bit40----DICE
SG8F75814.5~5.516K FLASH256x8Bit + 512x8Bit583 CH16 CHLQFP48L