8-Bit LCD Series MCU

LCD MCU is an 8-bit single chip micro-controller, it is one of SG8 series products. Its memory capacity includes SRAM, OTP/MASK ROM. Other features include timer RTC, timer TCC, four groups I/O Port , a resistor to frequency converter, a programmable sound generator and a LCD module are built in the chip. The LCD module is capable of driving up to 32 segments and up to 4 commons and it supports 1/2 bias and 1/3 bias. (128 dots = 4com* 32seg).

  • 8-bit microprocessor
  • Wide voltage application: 2.4 V to 5.5 V or 1.5 V
  • Built-in LCD driver module, drive the different points on the LCD screen
  • Two kinds of power saving mode: VDD = 3 V / 1.5 V, IDLE < 7 uA, SLEEP < 1 uA (IDLE oscillator frequency 32768 Hz)
  • Built-in timer RTC, TCC
  • Built-in programmable sound output (PSG)
  • Supports single channel speech (8 PWM drive)
SG8LD1281.2~2.24K MASK 144x8Bit20-32KHz~1.5MHz 128-DICE
SG8L128S2.4~5.5 4K MASK 144x8Bit17-32KHz~1MHz 128-DICE
SG8L128H2.4~5.5 4K MASK 144x8Bit9-32KHz~1MHz 128-DICE
SG8LP129C2.4~5.5 4K OTP144x8Bit3032KHz~8MHz 128PWMDICE
SG8LV12822.4~5.5 4K MASK144x8Bit3432KHz~4MHz 128VOICE:20 secDICE
SG8LV12842.4~5.5 4K MASK144x8Bit3432KHz~4MHz 128VOICE:40 secDICE