LED Driver ICs

The SGD1011 is a step-down constant-current source chip with continuous inductor current conduction mode for driving one or more series LED. The chip has power switches with on resistance of 0.3 Ω. The input voltage can be from 6V to 36V. According to different external devices, the chip can drive up to tens of watts of LEDs with a maximum output current of 1.2A. The SGD1011 has a dimming function that enables analog dimming and wide-range PWM dimming via the DIM pin. When VDIM is lower than 0.3V, the power switch is turned off and the chip enters a low-power standby state.

  • Wide operating voltage range(6V~36V)
  • Maximum LED output current: 1.2 A
  • Output current accuracy: 5%
  • High efficiency (up to 97%)
  • Few external components required
  • Reuse DIM pin for LED switch, analog dimming, and PWM dimming
  • Open-circuit LED protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Output current adjustable
  • Input under voltage protection

Part No.Input Voltage Topology Maximum Efficiency Brightness ControlMaximum Switching Frequency Maximum Output Current Package
SGD10116V~36V Boost 97%PWM1MHz1.2ASOT89-5