Motor Control ICs

The SGD202x series chip is a two-channel MOSFET power driver and adjustable driving current series chip, which designed to control and drive DC motors. It can control the forward rotation, reverse rotation, and brake functions of the motor and can be used to replace the traditional discrete device driving circuit. Peripheral devices are more compact, intelligent over-temperature protection plus constant current drive, so that the overall reliability is higher. This series chip has two input ports of TTL/CMOS compatible level, which has good anti-jamming performance. At the same time, two output ports can directly drive one motor reversal or single-direction ON/OFF of two motors. This series chip also has a large current driving force and a wide range of power supply voltages.

・Wide operating voltage range(4.2V~16V)
・Constant-current motor drive technology
・Integrated power MOSFET
・TTL/CMOS compatible logic inputs
・Strong anti-interference capability
・Built-in smart Over-Temperature Protection circuit
・Built-in smart Over-Current Protection circuit
High integration and with few peripheral component to improve the reliability of the whole machine
Part No.VoltageOver Temperature Over Current Protection Control Channels Continued Output Current Package
SGD20214.2V~16V21.5A ESOP8
SGD20234.2V~16V23A ESOP8