General Description:

SGD2023 drive current adjustable chip with two-channel MOSFET is designed to control and drive a DC motor drive,which can control the motor forward、reverse、brake and other functions,it can be used to replace the traditional discrete devices drive circuit,make the peripheral devices leaner and the machine have higher reliability .The chip has two TTL/CMOS compatible level input port,having a good resistance,while the two output ports which can directly drive a motor forward and reversing or single direction of the two motors ON/OFF .The chip also has a large current driving force and a wide range of supply voltage.

  • wide supply voltage range :4.2V~16V
  • low on-resistance 400 mΩ
  • built-in intelligence over temperature protection circuit
  • built-in intelligence over current protection circuit
  • low quiescent operating current:less than15uA
  • up to 3A continuous drive current,6A peak current output
  • programming output motor requires the maximum operating current
  • level input compatible TTL/CMOS
  • control and drive integrated in a monolithic IC