Mouse Control ICs

Mouse control chip series is specially designed for USB/PS2 optical mouse chip. It integrates ROM, RAM, stack, 8-bit timer, watchdog, USB/PS2 communication circuit and photoelectric sensor, which can realize various mouse aspects. The application, it built-in high-precision clock generator, no external crystal oscillator, the least peripheral devices, greatly reducing the overall cost of the mouse program, is a high-performance low-cost optical mouse series chip.

  • Wide operating voltage range(2.4V~5.5V)
  • Built-in 8-bit Micro-controller
  • Complete Universal Serial Bus specs V2.0 and V1.1 compatibility
  • Built-in Low-Voltage Reset (LVR)
  • High performance photoelectric sensor
  • Low-power COMS device technology
Part No.VoltageROM Type DPIInterfacePackage
MX8733B 4.5~5.5MASK1000USBSDIP8L
MX8732B 4.5~5.5MASK1000USB+PS/2 SDIP12L
MX8871 4.5~5.5MASK1000USB+PS/2SDIP16L
MX8650A 1.9~3.6-800/1000/1200/1600-SDIP8L
MX86702.7~3.6-250~2000(step 250)-SDIP8L
MX8871A 4.5~5.5FLASH1000USBSDIP16L
MX8877 4.5~5.5OTP800/1600/2400 USBorPS/2SDIP16L
MX8961 4.5~5.5FLASH800/1600/2400/4800USBSDIP16L
MX84530 3.7~5.5OTP-Low-speed USBSDIP20L
MX84540 3.7~5.5MASK-Low-speed USBSDIP20L
MX8F73413.7~5.5MASK-Full-speed USBQFN32/SSOP28L/LQFP32L