Programmable Touch & LCD Controller

SG8LTxxx is 8 bits MCU series with LCD control chip, 4 k * 14 ROM, 144 byte SRAM, Watchdog timer, timer RTC, TCC, general input/output (GPIO) port, a programmable sound output module, such as built-in LCD driver, maximum of 128 points can be realized through it (4 com * 32 seg) LCD control.

  • Wide operating voltage range(2.4V~5.5V)
  • 8 bit microprocessor
  • Built-in LCD driver module, drive the different points on the LCD screen
  • PSG module
  • Two power-saving mode: VDD = 3V, IDLE<7uA, SLEEP<1uA. (IDLE oscillator frequency 32768Hz)
Part No.VoltageROM RAMTouch ChannelsI/OWDTLVRFRAQ.LCD Package
SG8LT128P2.4~5.5 4K OTP 144x8Bit 81632KHz~4MHz 128DICE LQFP64