Programmable Touch Sensor Control ICs

The SG8F/TxxxP series is an 8 bit touch OTP ROM series MCU with multiple channels of touch sensor. It includes SRAM, TIMER, GPIO and touch sensor which can provides interrupt and wakeup function from persistent mode.

  • Wide operating voltage range(2.4V~5.5V)
  • Peripheral circuit is simple and easy to debug
  • 8-bit micro-controller with streamlined instruction
  • Support external crystal oscillator and resistor-capacitor (RC)
  • Strong anti-interference capability. And pass 4kV Electrical Fast Transient (EFT)
  • The sensitivity of each button can be individually adjusted through programming
  • Low current (VDD=3V)
  • Operating Current: < 1mA SLEEP Current: <1uA

The OTP ROM can be programmed according to different needs and can be easily and quickly burned

Part No.VoltageROM RAMTouch ChannelsI/OPWMWDTLVRFRAQ.Package
SG8F160P2.4~5.5 4K OTP 144x8Bit1620-32KHz~20MHz LQFP48 TSSOP28
SG8F120P2.4~5.5 4K OTP 144x8Bit1213-32KHz~20MHz TSSOP28 QFN32
SG8F080P2.4~5.5 4K OTP 144x8Bit810-32KHz~20MHz TSSOP28 SOP24
SG8F060P2.4~5.5 4K OTP 144x8Bit56-32KHz~20MHz SOP16
SG8F050P 2.4~5.5 4K OTP 144x8Bit55-32KHz~20MHz SOP16
SG8T0032.4~5.5 8K MASK 144x8Bit23-32KHz~4MHz DICE
SG8T040P2.4~5.51K OTP64x8Bit44IO,1I4 CHRC 4M, 8MSOP8
SG8T080P2.4~5.52K OTP144x8Bit8124 CHRC 4M, 8MSOP16
SG8T120P2.4~5.52K OTP144x8Bit12204 CHRC 4M, 8MTSSOP24