SG3000 Series Voice Controller
General description:

SG3XXX is a series of single-channel voice and dual-channel Melody voice synthesis chip micro, 3-160 seconds (6KHz playback) output . It integrates an embedded microcontroller, a timer. Microcontroller programming, the user can achieve the following functions: speech segment combination, trigger mode control, the output state control, high-performance melody and voice output with background melody.

  • Operating voltage range:2.4V ~ 5.0V
  • Embedded microcontroller
  • 64 × 4 bit RAM
  • the largest 10K programming ROM space
  • single-channel voice synthesizer
  • Dual-channel melody synthesizer
  • voice / dual-channel melody synthesizer
  • Operating frequency 2.5K-40KHz
  • 10-bit internal timer
  • Low-power mode
  • Voice volume adjustable
  • embedded PWM output to directly drive a speaker


Part No.Duration (6KHz S.R)ROM SizeProgram ROMRAMI/OWDT LVR 38KHz OutputPackage
SG3007630Kx10bit16K64x4bit6---MASK DICE
SG302424160Kx10bit16K64x4bit14MASK DICE
SG3160160488Kx10bit 64K64x4bit16-MASK DICE
SG3A03 310Kx10bit10K 64x4bit2-MASK DICE
SG3A06 620Kx10bit16K 64x4bit2-MASK DICE
SG3A09930Kx10bit16K 64x4bit2-MASK DICE