SG3A Series Speaker Trigger Voice ICs

The SG3AXX series is speech synthesis series chip which with 3/6/9 seconds (at 6KHz play rate) single-channel voice and dual channel melody output. The chip is internally integrated with a microcontroller, two timers, two I/O ports, and a sound sensor. Through the microcontroller programming, the user can realize the following functions: speech segment, trigger mode control, the output state of control and high performance melody and voice output with background melody, especially the user can through the built-in voice control induction module implements voice control.

  • Wide operating voltage range(1.8V to 5.5V)
  • Built-in PWM Direct Drive Circuit
  • PWM current can select OFF, 30mA, 60mA or 120mA by programming
  • Single channel voice synthesizer
  • Dual channel melody synthesizer