SG3D Series Short-distance Voice ICs

The SG3DXX series is speech synthesis series chip which with 6 seconds (at 6KHz play rate) single-channel voice and dual channel melody output. The chip integrates a microcontroller, two timers, two I/O ports, a sound sensor, and a short-range communication module. By programming the microcontroller, the user can implement the following functions: voice segment combination, trigger mode control, output state control, high performance melody, and voice output with background melody. In particular, the user can realize sound control triggering through the built-in sound sensor, and realize communication and interaction between toys through the short distance communication module.

  • Wide operating voltage range(1.8V to 5.5V)
  • Built-in a PWM driver circuit
  • PWM drive current can select OFF, 30mA, 60mA, 120mA by programming
  • Single channel speech synthesizer
  • Dual channel melody synthesizer
  • Melody volume is adjustable
  • Built-in sound sensor
  • Built-in short-distance communication, modulation and demodulation function
  • Carrier frequency 10KHz/20KHz is optional
  • Built-in charge pump to supply power to the emitter stage
  • Output voltage of charge pump: 2V-0.6V