SG6000 Series Voice Controller

General description:

SG6xxx is a series of 3-60 seconds of speech synthesis IC, built-in 4-bit MCU, with multiple I/O ports.
Users can achieve a variety of applications by MCU programming.

• Single power supply 2.4V ~ 5V
• Built-in MCU
• 8 I/O ports, P33 port can be used as a 38KHz IR carrier output, P32, can be used as PWM output
• external reset
• Built-in 32 * 4 RAM
• Maximum 16K program ROM space
• High quality speech synthesizer
• Adaptive playback of frequency from 3.5K ~ 15K
• You can select the D / A current output drive an external transistor or pulse width modulation output to directly drive an external speaker


Part No.Duration (6KHz S.R)VoltageSpeaker Oupput I/O38KHz OutputPackage
SG611010 2.4 ~ 5.5 PWM / DA8MASK DICE
SG6210202.4 ~ 5.5 PWM / DA8MASK DICE
SG6410402.4 ~ 5.5 PWM / DA8MASK DICE
SG6810802.4 ~ 5.5 PWM / DA10MASK DICE