SG8T Series Voice & Touch Control ICs

The SG8Txxx is a voice series chip with touch function, capacitive touch sensor, sensing sensitive and reliable, and less external application components. With a variety of standard chip applications, it can quickly and flexibly solve various applications for customers, suitable for replacing traditional buttons, touch toys, all kinds of gifts and other products.

  • Integrated touch and voice function, with independent intellectual property rights
  • 3-sec/6-sec speech length MASK ROM
  • Expandable external 128M-SPI-FLASH and play up to 5000 seconds speech length, so can adapt to the all kinds of needs
  • Sensitive and reliable capacitive sensing touch
  • Fewer external application components
  • Strong anti-interference capability, and pass plus or minus 2kV EFT
  • Built-in 8-bit MCU core, watchdog timer and low voltage protection circuit
  • Wide operating voltage range (2.4v ~ 5.5v)
Part No.Duration (6KHz S.R)Voltage Speaker Oupput I/OTouch Channels WDTLVR Package
SG8T00332.4 ~ 5.5PWM32MASK DICE
SG8T00662.4 ~ 5.5PWM36MASK DICE