SGB6000 Series Voice Controller

General description:

SGBXX is a 72~192 seconds voice synthesizer IC that contains 8~20 I/O pins and embedded micro-controller.
User can realize applications by programming through the micro-controller.
Single power supply 2.4V - 5.5V
Embedded micro controller.
8~20 I/O pins, one of them can be used as 38KHz modulated output by mask option.
Two clock generator modes --- internal RC and external crystal.
External reset.
32*4 bits RAM are available
Maximum 16k program ROM
High quality speech synthesizer
Adaptive playing speed from 1.5k-27kHz.
BDNC qualified noise-shaping algorithm to eliminate most of the noise.
PWM mode to drive external speaker directly.


Part No.Duration (6KHz S.R)Voltage Speaker Oupput I/O38KHz Output RC/CRY Package
SGB60721702.4 ~ 5.5PWM12RC/CRY MASK DICE
SGB60961902.4 ~ 5.5PWM12RC/CRY MASK DICE
SGB619211902.4 ~ 5.5PWM20RC/CRY MASK DICE