Standard Feature Touch Sensor Control ICs

The SGL8xxxW/M series is a single-channel touch series chip for LED dimming and switch control. The SGL8xxxW/M series can control the LED on/off and brightness.

The SGxxxS/K/L series is a capacitance touch series chip for two or more channels, and two logical control output pins.

  • Wide operating voltage range(2.4V~5.5V)
  • Broad set of configuration possibilities to support your application needs
  • Low-Power mode:
  • Standby Current: <10uA
  • Strong anti-interference capability. And pass 2kV Electrical Fast Transient (EFT)
  • Peripheral circuit is simple for processing convenient and cost saving
  • Cover lens: up to 2 mm glass, acrylic and other media
    High sensitivity and safety
Part No.VoltageOperating Current InterfaceI/O Package
SGL8022W 2.4~5.5 10uA(VDD=3V) 11SOP8
SGL8022K2.4~5.5 10uA(VDD=3V) 22SOP8
SGL8022S2.4~5.5 10uA(VDD=3V) 22SOP8
SGL8023W 2.4~5.5 10uA(VDD=3V) 11SOP8
SG8065L2.4~5.5 10uA(VDD=3V) 44SOP16
SGL8012M2.4~5.510uA(VDD=3V) 11SOP8
SGL8022WS2.4~5.510uA(VDD=3V) 11SOP8
SGL8022KS2.4~5.5 10uA(VDD=3V)22SOP8