Wireless Charging Solution for Electric Toothbrush

The electric toothbrush wireless charging ICs of Sigma micro use the sigma wireless charging technology and the communication protocol with independent intellectual property rights, and support foreign object detection and battery charging management. It has the characteristics of high integration, fine overall design, and small size. In the application of electric toothbrush products, there are significant advantages.

  • Wireless charging protocol with independent intellectual property rights protection (patent NO. ZL 201410149482.7)
  • Integrated wireless charging management circuit
  • Integrated Li-Ion battery protection circuit
  • Support wireless charging communication
  • Built-in Foreign Object Detection(FOD)module to make the charging process more secure
  • Integrated analog and digital demodulation
  • Peripheral circuit of is simple. And the chip have small volume and convenient installation;
Part No.Voltage(V)Standby Cur.TypeLEDMax. Cur.Package
SGD5011 3~5.6 40uATx1Tune ESOP16
SGD5012 3~5.6 40uATx1Tune SSOP28
SGD50203~5.6 40uATx1Tune SOP8
SGD51312.4~4.5 5uA Rx1100mASOT23-6
SGD51322.4~4.5 5uA Rx1200mAESOP8
SGD5141 2.4~4.5 5uA Rx1100mASOT23-6
SGD51422.4~4.5 5uA Rx1200mAESOP8